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Ok, the story so far.

DeeExpus, though It really pains me to say it, has slipped down the list of priorities for most of us involved. That isn’t to say we don’t care anymore, far from it, we’re all keen to get the third album finished and released but as with most things, life just gets in the way.

Over the 8 or so years since i had the idea to record an album of music that floated my own particular boat, the DeeExpus project has evolved into the fantastic band of top level musicians that I always wanted it to be, though not without significant ups and downs. I’m not going to go into the where’s and why-for’s, but the last set of downs knocked me for six in all fairness and I very nearly threw the towel in.

Spasmodically however, over the last three years, I’ve managed to find a little enthusiasm here and there and written and recorded some new music, some of which really gets me back to being a little excited at the prospect of releasing. The main problem is though, the guys in the band are busy chaps and it’s taken quite some time to get responses and input, which is understandable given their calibre. I too am a busy man, I have a career to attend to and am also busy with other non music related projects.

Very recently however, I have received some keys for the 15 minute (so far) title track from Mike and although it’s taken him a little while to find the time, they were absolutely worth waiting for. Micky and I have had some guitar solo sessions, which have gone swimmingly and Dave is chomping at the bit to get some Bass recorded. As am sure you’re all aware though, Henry is just getting busier and busier and not having had time to sort an issue out with the TD30, has held us back a little. Until now ….

DeeExpus isn’t dead. The third album will be released, and it will be good. It won’t be rushed (obviously!!!) and it won’t happen without all of the members of the band being ready to contribute their respective talents.

It remains for me to say a huge thank you to those of you who persist in giving us little jabs in the ribs with messages of support and enquires of “where is this bloody album?!”. Apologies for the slow responses and the time its taking to do this recording, I’m confident that it will be worth the wait.

Incidentally, we’re looking for an artist to take on the Album Art. If you’re interested in providing your services, please get in touch.

Much Love,